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At Cleveland Circuits we recognise the importance of investing in the latest technology and automated equipment to provide our customers with reliable and cost effective printed circuit boards.

Driven by our desire to increase efficiency and maintain product quality we are committed to continuing investment in our printed circuit board facility to ensure that we remain a major force in the UK electronics market. As you would expect from a leading UK printed circuit board company we have an impressive range of PCB manufacture, PCB assembly and ATE test equipment at our disposal.

Within our purpose built factory in North Yorkshire we have built an extensively equipped PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly plant capable of providing high quality PCBs and electronic assemblies from under one roof.

We continually invest in our PCB manufacturing equipment, our environment and our staff and fully appreciate that only with trained and experienced personnel can our facility perform to its full potential producing high quality printed circuit boards and assemblies.

Set up to provide flexible, high mix throughput, our printed circuit board manufacturing plant produces prototype to medium sized manufacturing batches of the highest quality

If you have a requirement for PCB Manufacture, PCB Assembly or would like to discuss your next project please complete our contact form and one of our friendly and knowledgeable team will contact you, alternatively, telephone 01287 651991 to speak to one of our team immediately.