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PCB Engineering

At Cleveland Circuits we understand the importance of CAM engineering for PCBs when preparing your electronic data for printed circuit board manufacture and assembly.

We place great emphasis on checking and verifying all PCB data to ensure we capture any potential issues BEFORE manufacturing begins. Our Design Rule Checks (DRC) verifies your data to highlight any areas of concern. Any issues arising are fully discussed with the customer for clarification prior to commencing PCB tooling. This service helps eliminate any unnecessary set up costs, is entirely complimentary and forms part of our customer care printed circuit board package.

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Electrical testing is key to verifying a printed circuit board once it has been manufactured. At Cleveland Circuits we use the latest version of UCAM to produce netlists, electrical test data outputs and fault finding routines for our flying probe test equipment.

PCB Assembly Engineering

Utilising our suite of in-house PCB software tools Cleveland Circuits can verify and generate the required assembly engineering files. These include centroid pick and place data, solder paste stencils, adhesive stencils and SMT placement head optimisation routines to ensure optimum efficiency and accuracy during printed circuit board assembly.

PCB reverse engineering

In addition to our PCB Engineering capabilities we also provide a service to reproduce PCB artworks for old or obsolete printed circuit boards where the original is no longer available. This technique involves scanning the printed circuit board and accurately recreating the track work, component idents, resists and NC drilling information in our VCAM software. The customer can then order replacement printed circuit boards as required.