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UL Approval

Cleveland Circuits manufacture PCB’s on UL approved laminates with a 94V-0 flammability rating.


The 94V-0 rating certifies that the PCB substrate will not burn for more than 10 seconds when exposed to an ignition source. This rating applies to the material as a base laminate before it is processed and our certification to apply the Recognised Component symbol to bare boards confirms that our manufacturing processes in no way alter the flammability rating of the laminate in its final form as a functioning circuit board. The application of the Recognised Component symbol means that your PCB’s can be included in end use products which require UL listing, classification or certification.
Continued application of the Recognised Component symbol to our boards is underpinned by regular site inspections from UL approved inspectors who audit our processes and take random samples for analysis in their testing laboratories to ensure compliance with the 94V-0 rating.