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UK PCB Suppliers with approaching 50 years experience, Cleveland Circuits supply and assemble printed circuit boards.

We supply both bare and assembled high spec and custom printed circuit boards that service some of the most demanding electronic markets in the world including: military and aerospace applications, RF antennas, personal location safety beacons, LED lighting and security, UPS power distribution, fire detection suppression systems and many more...

Our extensive range of PCB technologies and services include:

PCB manufacture UK PCB supply

PCB manufactureUK PCB assembly

PCB manufacture Protected far east access for bulk orders

PCB manufactureRapid PCB prototyping service

PCB manufactureNon plated through hole PCB's

PCB manufactureDouble sided PTH PCB's

PCB manufactureMulti-layer PCB's (up to 20 layers)

PCB manufactureThermal management PCB's (IMS)

PCB manufactureSpecialist laminate processing - Rogers, Taconic, Nelco & Arlon

PCB manufacturePCB test service

PCB manufacturePCB development & reverse engineering

If you require PCB Manufacturing services follow the the link below to request a quote:

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To see a selection of our PCB equipment in operation please view the video below: