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Flexible & Flex-Rigid Printed Circuit Boards

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Cleveland Circuits can supply flexible and flex-rigid printed circuit boards, bare or assembled, in a wide range of specifications

Flexible printed circuit boards (FPCB) have many applications, be it static whereby a single bend is required such as in a camera or OLED display, dynamic for inclusion in products that will bend or flex as part of their intended use and a replacement for wiring and cable interconnections providing smaller and lighter options when space is a defining factor.

Each application requires a different material to ensure the most appropriate structure of the circuit board to meet the requirement. Most flexible PCB's have a Polyimide substrate base due to the broader range of electrical, mechanical and thermal properties.

Flexible printed circuit boards are available as single sided, double sided, flex-rigid or multilayer giving the widest range of application.

Due to the increased manufacturing complexity and differing materials, flexible printed circuit boards are generally more expensive than their rigid counterparts however when balanced against the increased application scope the increased cost is very much justified.

Cleveland Circuits can provide flexible printed circuits boards bare or if required assembled with SMD or hand fit components and even housed in final assembly housings.

Whatever your requirement contact Cleveland Circuits to discuss your requirement or send your spec through the enquiry form below for a competitive quote.


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