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"Excellent suppliers, deliver on time, flexible, responsive, offer a quality product, easy to talk to, I wish every supplier was just like them."
Gas Systems, Cleveland.

"Very good, always on time, a reliable company."
Games Consoles, Lincolnshire.

"A friendly, reliable and helpful company."
Door Locking Devices, Tyne and Wear.

"They offer a competitive price, a quality product, are efficient and always happy to help."
High Voltage Devices, Shropshire.

"They treat you like a friend not just a customer, you can talk to them, when they say they will keep in touch with you they do."
Screens/products, Humberside.

"Very, very impressed, a nice company, they offer a complete personal service. They will always try and help and move things to accommodate you. Once they provided me with a couple of free prototypes that led to new business. "
PCB Designer, North Yorkshire.

"We have a close working relationship with them, they provide care and attention and are very friendly and extremely responsive."
Protection Systems, Berkshire

"Good, prompt, helpful and friendly service."
Control Units, Co. Durham.

"Very helpful, excellent service throughout the organisation."
Fire Protection, Durham.

"Excellent job, very helpful, a great company to deal with"
Manufacturer of explosion protection equipment. Yorkshire.

"The best reasonably priced electronics manufacturer in the area!"
Lighting Manufacturer, Tyne and Wear

"Wonderful service we have received so far, we are in awe of them! The fact that they can squeeze sales for us is immeasurable."
Computer Peripherals and Accessories Supplier, Lancashire

"Quick service and turnaround, they stick to their delivery dates, good communication and great customer care!"
Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturer, Leeds

"They are reliable, knowledgeable, offer a good price and understand our needs."
Marine Emergency and Life Saving Equipment Manufacturer

"Communication, delivery and reliability are fantastic."
On Board Vehicle Generating Systems Manufacturer, Bristol