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At Cleveland Circuits we recognise the importance of investing in the latest technology and automated equipment to provide our customers with high quality printed circuit boards and PCB assemblies with a flexible and responsive approach to our customers needs.

All of our manufacturing equipment is selected to provide high quality processing with efficient throughput and minimal changeover times. By ensuring we select and invest in the right equipment we are able to provide high quality PCB assembly solutions for high mix, small to medium batch requirements.

Driven by our desire to increase efficiency and maintain product quality we are committed to continuing to invest in our manufacturing facilities to ensure that we remain a major force in the UK electronics market.

 As you would expect from a leading UK printed circuit board manufacturer and assembler we have an impressive range of PCB assembly and ATE test equipment at our disposal.

PCB Manufacturing Equipment

Electrical Test

  • Mania Speedy flying probe bare board electrical tester,
  • Pegasus flying probe bare board tester
Our comprehensive in-house software and engineering facilities enable us to prepare, manufacture and verify our own flying probe data sets.

Drilling and Routing

  • Multi-spindle Lenz drill/routers with full autoload / off-load capabilities and
  • spindle speeds up to 125,000 rpm can drill holes down to 0.2mm.
  • The autoload mechanism improves drilling efficiency and allows the drilling department to operate a flexible "lights out" drilling operation which requires no manning during night time hours.

Primary Imaging and Photo-Mech

  • OLEC Accuprint 5Kw AP30 6000 Titan Multi-channel Double Sided UV Exposure Unit,
  • ORC 3Kw HW501B 5 Channel Double Sided UV Exposure Units, 

  • Dupont HRL24 Hot Roll Laminators,
Pin registration for photo-tool alignment.


  • Fully equipped CAM seats operating Visual CAM & UCAM software enable us to Design Rule Check and verify Gerber data before it is passed to our shop floor for manufacturing.
  • Gerber Crescent 40 plotter plots images with resolutions up to 8,000dpi and is linked directly to a Fuji FX550 film processor.
  • All our photo-tools are produced in a purpose built climate controlled environment and processed in a Fuji FX550 film processor.

Wet Process

  • Automatic auto-load & off-load horizontal Blackhole Direct Metallisation Line

  • Automatic auto-load & off load horizontal Dry Film Stripping line
Automatic auto-load & off-load horizontal Tin Strip Line
Our fully automated lines increase process efficiency and throughput whilst improving product quality and yield

Laboratory and In Process Verification

  • Extensively equipped process laboratory with in-house micro-sectioning capabilities
  • Oxford Instruments CM500 CMI gauges for in process verification of plated hole copper thickness
Fully automatic auto dosing equipment on horizontal process equipment
  • High specification Nickel Gold Analyser automatically controls NiAu process

Surface Finishing

Cemco Quicksilver Hot Air Solder Levellers for both Leaded and Lead Free solder finishes
  • In-house Immersion Nickel Gold line suited to fine pitch SMT PCB's where a truly flat finish is required
  • Our commitment to investment ensures that we can provide both RoHS and Non-RoHS compliant finishes.

PCB Assembly Equipment

Solder Paste & Adhesive Application

  • Fully Automatic MPM Ultraprint 2000 HiE solder paste printer with vision alignment and 2D post paste inspection capabilities
  • Nutek Automatic in line board loader
  • Semi-Automatic DEK248 solder paste printer with camera alignment.

Samsung SMT Component Insertion Platform.

  • CP45 FV NEO - 6 Heads 15,000 cph, 0201, 0.5mm BGA
  • CP40 CV - 4 Heads 10,000 cph, 0402, 1.0mm BGA
  • CP20 CV - 2 Heads, 6,000 cph, 0402, 1.0mm BGA
  • Combined placement capacity up to 31,000 cph

  • Nutek Automatic board loader
In line inspection conveyor

Wave Solder and SMT Reflow

  • Blundell CMS400 leaded and lead free wave solder lines
  • Heller 1088 4 Zone forced air convection reflow oven with edge and mesh conveyor system
  • Circuitmaster 6 Channel Oven Profiler with Wave Shuttle adaptor
  • Folungwin FL-VP660 6 zone forced air convection reflow oven with edge and mesh conveyor system with on board reflow profiling

Through Hole Component Insertion

  • Blackell LS920 light guided semi-automatic component insertion stations with cut and clinch for axial, radial, DIL and SIL components
  • Universal axial sequencer 6241B with automatic cut and clinch
  • Mascot light guided component insertion stations

Test, Inspection and Software Programming

  • Genrad ATE testers provide accurate and efficient functional testing
  • Wide scope of manual bench test and functional test equipment
  • Large array of PIC programming and EEProm programming tools

  • High magnification Mantis inspection equipment

At Cleveland Circuits we take the greatest care to ensure that your product is manufactured and tested to the highest possible standard and by utilising proven quality control procedures we always aim to exceed your expectations.

If you have a requirement for PCB Manufacturing, Assembly, Prototypes or would like to discuss your next project, complete our contact form and one of our friendly and knowledgeable team will contact you, alternatively, telephone 01287 651991 to speak to one of our team immediately.