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Cleveland Circuits 2020 Strategic Development

In a strategic development Cleveland Circuits will realign their manufactured output

During the first quarter of 2020 Cleveland Circuits will realign the manufacturing facility at their Skelton site to further concentrate on the population of printed circuit boards rather than the manufacture of bare boards.

This focus on the busier aspect of Cleveland Circuits business has already begun with the installation of an additional high speed component auto insertion machine. Installed and commissioned in January 2020 this will help us to meet increasing demand.

In Spring 2020 Cleveland Circuits will begin acting as a supplier rather than a manufacturer of bare boards.

A collaboration project with a major northern PCB manufacturer will allow both to benefit from each other's expertise and leading facilities. This collaboration will also allow Cleveland Circuits to increase the range and complexity of the printed circuit boards it offers.

A valuable and welcome benefit of this strategic product realignment will be the 90% plus reduction of process effluent which although well within allowable amounts was contrary to our environmental policy of reducing discharged waste.

To sum up Cleveland Circuits will still bring both bare and populated printed circuit boards to market but will, by virtue of collaboration with a leading UK manufacturer, be able to offer a wider range of products and increased PCB population capacity further protecting customers supply chains.